My Telescopes

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Thumbnail Type Aperture Focal Length Focal Ratio Mount Notes
Astroscan Rich Field Newtonian 4.25 inches
445mm f/4 Altitude/Azimuth ball mount Edmund Scientific Astroscan 2001. Manufactured in 1997.
Meade 320 Refractor 80mm 900mm f/11 German equatorial mount Meade model 320. Manufactured during the mid 1980's.
Meade 2045/LX3 Schmidt-Cassegrain 4 inch
1000mm f/10 Equatorial fork mount Meade model 2045/LX3. Manufactured during the mid 1980's. Has quartz controlled Right Ascension drive with hand controller. Also has JMI Declination motor. Mounted on Meade ETX field tripod with home made adaptor plate.
C9.25 on G-11 Schmidt-Cassegrain 9.25 inch
92.5 inches
f/10 German equatorial mount Celestron C9.25 optical tube assembly manufactured during the late 1990's on Losmandy G-11 mount manufactured December 2000.


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